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Under the current global background of addressing climate change, the world economy, political situation and energy structure are all in the changes and adjustments. Facing unprecedented complex international environment, a variety of new issues associated with climate change, energy economy emerge in endlessly in China, which also become the new topics that Chinese government, academia and enterprises are unable to avoid. Chinese scholars have begun exploration and development in these fields, but there is still quite a gap compared with the research level of the western developed countries. Studies on climate change and energy economic problems began to heat up since the 70s of last century in developed countries, and have formed a complete theoretical system after 40 years’ development. Today, these research results have become strong theoretical support for their climate governance and energy strategy.


China is also facing increasingly serious environmental and energy issues; especially the frequently-occurring hazy weather affects all people's nerves. The revolution that promote energy production, consumption, technology and management system needs that the whole society including government, universities, enterprises form high degree of consensus, and take effective measures to cope with climate change scientifically and conduct energy revolution. Climate change and energy economic issues are of high complexity and urgency, and more strategic, we must extend our perspective to a longer period of the world and China's future development and must have a macro, comprehensive, overall thorough thinking and research to study and solve our economic problems of climate change and energy.


 In this context, the establishment of Climate Change and Energy Economics Study Center of Wuhan University (CCEE) exactly keep up with the major needs of the times and the country's development. Basing on the green low-carbon economic development, paying attention to trends in international climate negotiations, aiming at the frontier in the field of energy economics research, CCEE make greater contribution for international efforts against climate change and low carbon economic transformation and sustainable development in our country.


Implementing the ‘indomitable spirit’ development strategy of Wuhan University, with research projects as a link and team building and personnel training as the basis, aiming at the forefront academic issues of climate change and energy economy, major national policy issues and technical support issues of global climate negotiations, CCEE conduct deep and systematical research with scientific methods and international vision, and are committed to be high-level academic research center, senior talent training base and an important think tank of national and local governments and enterprises.


The research fields of CCEE include Energy Economics, Low Carbon Economy Theory, Climate Change and Economic Growth, Carbon Emissions Trading, Climate Policy and International Trade and Investment, International Negotiations and Cooperation in the field of climate, etc.


Director of CCEE:  Shaozhou Qi

Deputy director of CCEE:  Jihong Zhang


Research Office

Leader of Green finance Research Group :  Ling Xiong

Leader of Energy Economics Research Group :  Kai Li

Leader of Carbon Market Research Group :  Banban Wan

Leader of Climate policy and international economy Research Group :  Xiujie Tan


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